North County Chapter of SD World Affairs Council Membership Application

Please print this page, fill it out and then mail it to the address provided below.

North County Chapter Membership Application                 __ New              __ Renewal


Address: ________________________________________________________         Zip:____________

Phone:  _______________       E-Mail:_______________________________________________                                                       

Send newsletter to: ___   E-mail address (preferred) or    ___ Home

Membership Categories: The rates shown are valid for a full year 2024 membership.

__ $60 Family       __ $50 Senior Family (+65)  __ $50 Individual __ $40 Senior individuals (+65)

__ $15 Full time student __ $100-$499 Contributing 

$____Voluntary donation ($10-$35 suggested.)

For new members joining after July 1, 2024, valid until December, 2024: Half of above rates apply.

For new 2024 members joining between Oct 1, 2023 and Dec 31, 2023, the full rate also covers the last quarter of 2023 as a bonus.

Please select whether you are using a check payment ____ or Zelle® payment _____ for your dues

Check Payment Instructions

Make Checks payable to: World Affairs Council                 Check #—————-     Date: —— / ——- / —–

Mail To:  WAC-NCC,     P.O. Box 28574,     San Diego CA.     92198-0574

Zelle® Bank Transfer Instructions

North County Chapter (NCC) is now accepting bank to bank transfers using Zelle® for Membership Dues and Expense Reimbursements. To transfer membership dues use the WAC-NCC email address:

Most banks offer Zelle® in both on-line and mobile applications. Log on to your Bank and confirm they accept Zelle®. Below are Chase and Wells Fargo’s online account setup for Zelle®.

Chase Bank Online account.

  1. Sign in to with your username and password.
  2. Choose “Chase QuickPay® with Zelle®” from the “Pay & transfer” menu.
  3. Read and accept the Chase QuickPay Service Agreement and Privacy Notice.
  4. Chase will send you a one-time code so you can verify your email address and/or mobile number.

Wells Fargo Bank Online account.

  1. Sign on and select Transfer & Pay.
  2. Go to Send Money with Zelle®.
  3. Select a recipient from your list or add a new recipient. …
  4. Select Review and confirm that the email address or trusted U.S mobile number and name are correct.
  5. Select Send.

Once you have Zelle® setup within your bank, you can now send and / or receive payments. To receive payments you must give the sender either your mobile phone number or your email in the completed the setup. For sending membership dues to WAC-NCC via Zelle® use the WAC-NCC email address: